Episode 198 / August + September new records

Premiere DateAug 14, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
02:10 "Exactly You Now" Harley Alexander
06:47 "Grey Skies" Kate Bollinger
09:30 "Maker" Anjimile
12:26 "Maybe Just Once" Video Age
15:57 "Shake" Native Harrow
18:33 SubInev on BTR
19:24 "Lomita" Dig Nitty
21:21 "Dirt" Suburban Living
25:23 "A Crack in the World" Oceanator
29:35 "Those Eyes" Helvetia
33:52 "The Individual" Liela Moss
37:21 "Root and Crown" Young Jesus
40:03 "Victim" Yves Jarvis
44:42 "Striped Cotton Blanket" JOBS
49:35 SubInev on BTR
51:04 "1990" Half Gringa
53:32 "Last Time I'm Falling In Love" Eyedress
55:57 "The Gate" Bent Arcana
66:06 "#KingButch" Butcher Brown
68:15 "Four" No Joy
76:30 SubInev on BTR
77:43 "Plum" Widowspeak
82:01 "Avenal" MATT COSTA
85:19 "Foam" Knot
88:18 "No Ties" Wax Chattels
90:26 "Grounds" IDLES
93:23 "One Too Many Times" The Cradle
96:10 "2027" Drug Couple
100:29 "Consequences" Tough Age
102:47 "At All" carmen canedo
107:34 "Heaven Or" Corey Flood
110:09 SubInev on BTR / outro
112:21 END.

Over the past several months, so many great singles have been coming out for August and September releases that I wanted to take a week to look at these two months, and preview (or in a few cases revisit) those records. Dig in and find something new!

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