Episode 196 / 2020 Halfway Recap Part 2

Premiere DateJul 31, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:17 "Double Dare" Momma
04:25 "Bad Form" Ganser
07:55 "Held Down" Laura Marling
11:55 "September" Katie Malco
15:23 "Big Nothing Glow" Westerman
18:42 SubInev on BTR
19:05 "Never Letting It Go" A Severe Joy
22:26 "Moving to Bushwick" Future Punx
25:02 "Reviens" Versari
28:43 "Blanket of Calm" Healing Potpourri
31:56 "The Milky Way Over Ratlinghope" Bibio
36:14 SubInev on BTR
36:49 "Loner" Dehd
39:58 "7 Hours" Jane Migraine
44:08 "Only The Truth" Johanna Warren
48:56 "Maker" Anjimile
51:52 "Lose Your Love" Dirty Projectors
54:39 "Infinite Scroll" Jess Williamson
58:47 SubInev on BTR
59:08 "A Hero's Death" Fontaines D.C.
63:24 "Deep Dream" STRFKR
66:59 "Whistle in the Wind (End of Everything)" Twin Peaks
71:14 "Under the Wires" Pottery
75:08 "A Secret" Frances Quinlan
79:38 "Fall Back" Hoops
84:09 SubInev on BTR
84:34 "I Got You Singing  (A Cappella)" Mariya May
86:53 "Where Do You Go When You Dream?" Woods
92:40 "On My Own" Shamir
96:51 "We've Got A Good Thing Going" Lady Lamb
102:09 "Mr. Motivator" IDLES
105:21 "Season of the Goose" Melkbelly
107:22 "Dying to Believe" The Beths
110:54 "Forgot My Horse's Name" Tenci
113:26 "Tell Me What's True" Anna Burch
117:09 SubInev on BTR / outro
119:12 END

Looking back at music from the first half off 2020 that we’ve been enjoying… part 2 of 2! Check out part 1 here.

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