Episode 191 / Darling Recordings Part 2: Music

Premiere DateJun 26, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:13 “Mysteries" Hales Corner
05:17 "Never Showed It" Falcon Jane
09:21 "Fluff" Steve Marino
13:16 "Lease Year" Jacky Boy
16:03 "Strain Provided" Stone Irr
19:31 SubInev on BTR
20:02 "Monster in the Well" Joey Walker
23:36 "Current State of All the World's Clothes" Faxada
26:12 "pretty girl" FLANCH
29:00 "Garden View" Hales Corner
31:24 "Essence" Jade TV
38:01 "If You Come Around" Hales Corner
42:08 "Good Company" Nora Petran
46:00 "All We Want Anymore" Stone Irr
49:12 "Get Along" Jacky Boy
51:59 "Lake Side" Stone Irr
54:09 SubInev on BTR
55:10 "Good Fortune" Ted Ofner
58:54 "A Proper Form" Faxada
62:20 "You're Still Around" Moor Hound
65:19 "Trixies" Hales Corner / Hales Corner
69:43 "Frank" Joey Walker
74:16 "What I Do Best" Stone Irr
77:30 "Happy Tongues" Faxada
78:55 "Pauly" Hales Corner
81:15 "Runnin'" Jeremy Jones
85:19 SubInev on BTR
86:18 "Incessant" Stone Irr
89:15 "Shame on You" The Good Morning Players
96:57 "Carrion Kiss" Joey Walker
100:02 "Everlaster" Poor English
103:23 "Welcome" Hales Corner
107:30 SubInev on BTR / outro
109:04 END.

This week we’re following up our interview with Nick Faidley of the Pittsburgh-based independent label Darling Recordings with two full hours of music from the label!

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