Episode 182 / 6131 Records Part 2: Music

Premiere DateApr 24, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:08 “Animal” Katie Malco
05:28 “WTF is Sleep?” Worriers
08:16 “Life is Weird” Late Bloomer
12:18 “Cursed” Grayling
15:12 “Fire Sale (featuring S. Carey)” Luray
18:36 “Myths” I'm Glad It's You
22:39 “Half Bad” Well Wisher
25:47 “Light In Your Eyes” Arch of Love
30:17 “It Will” Kindling
32:47 “Picture Perfect” Macseal
35:58 SubInev on BTR
36:27 “Future Girls” Self Defense Family
39:12 “Ceiling Mirror” Sammi Lanzetta
41:40 “Big Feelings” Worriers
45:04 “For Olive” Kindling / Hush
48:35 “The Things I Never Say (Redux)” I'm Glad It's
51:03 “Honest Sleep” Touché Amoré
53:36 “White Noise” Typesetter
57:59 “I Know Better” Well Wisher
60:27 “Upside Down Again” Macseal
62:32 SubInev on BTR
63:13 “Animal” Luray
67:24 “Real Conversations with Imaginary Friends” Typesetter
71:12 “Good News” Julien Baker
74:36 “Reintroduction” Arch of Love
78:46 “Slow” Grayling
81:33 “The Silver Cord” I'm Glad It's You
85:08 SubInev on BTR
85:38 “Titty Logic” Sammi Lanzetta
88:47 “What Comes Next?” Worriers
92:36 “Laugh Now, Die Later” Rotting Out
95:08 “Sweet” Well Wisher
97:58 “Not the Same” Late Bloomer
103:11 “Unwritten” Luray
106:41 “No More Bad News” Worriers
110:25 SubInev on BTR / outro
111:37 END

For part two of our 6131 Records indie label feature, we’ve got two hours of music from the label’s catalog, with tracks from Worriers, Katie Malco, Touché Amoré, Macseal, Typesetter, Luray, and more! Check out part one, which includes my interview with Sean and Joey from the label.

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