Episode 180

Premiere DateApr 10, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
01:28 “Violent and Vivisect” Activity
08:19 “Day 8: Casio Arpeggio” Ghost Funk Orchestra
09:28 “What Is Compassion?” Savak
12:09 “What Comes Next?” Worriers
15:57 “Kissing Under Some Bats” Melkbelly
23:25 “One Good Day” Control Top
26:47 “Hearts and Gardens” Kyle Forester
28:54 “Hell” Waxahatchee
31:45 “Permanent Moral Crisis” Peel Dream Magazine
34:40 “Tell Me What's True” Anna Burch
38:22 “Starstruck” Sorry
41:44 SubInev on BTR
43:13 “The Knife” Deeper
46:42 “Sandcastles” Cable Ties
50:51 “Cool For A Second” Yumi Zouma
53:58 “Hung Up On Me” Honey Cutt
57:13 “Friendship Bread” Scratchy Blanket
61:33 “What Were You Thinking” Jordana
63:24 “Drum In a Bit” Disq
68:02 “Broken Screen” Failed Flowers
70:34 “violet dreams” NOVA ONE
73:39 “Here In The Dark” Aoife Nessa Frances
79:04 SubInev on BTR
79:36 “The Machine” Shadow Show
86:00 “Boy” Purr
87:56 “Glass Hill” youbet
90:44 “Forward” No Swoon
94:39 “We Seal Every Deal With A Kiss” Tuff Sunshine
97:52 “Coyote” She Keeps Bees
101:51 “suffer” Son Little
106:33 “Kept” Kevin Krauter
110:03 “Dressing America” Torres
113:55 “Ask Me To” Anna Burch
117:16 SubInev on BTR / outro
118:41 END

It’s been a while since we’ve done a recent music playlist episode, so here it is! Featuring tracks from Activity, Lou Turner, Anna Burch, Deeper, youbet, Kevin Krauter, and more, there’s a lot to love here. Enjoy!

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