Episode 177/ Fox Food Records Part 2: Interview

Premiere DateMar 20, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
02:07 “It’s Burning down” Good Good Blood / at your mercy
08:15 Fox Food Records interview
58:28 “Automatic/Slow Down” Goodbye Max
62:27 “Deepest/Darkest” Home Lives
64:56 “In Bloom Again” Captain
68:39 “projection” ratbath
69:27 “Feed” CADE
72:20 “Eserkiel” NEWFOUNDLAND
74:56 “Everything Was Better At The Charity (with GT Arpe)” Lewtrakimou
75:54 “She Don't Wanna Know” Saint Charles / Saint Charles EP
79:20 SubInev on BTR
80:27 “What Have I Done (feat. Kathryn Joseph)” Fair Mothers
88:49 “Maybe” Fairy Godmother
92:08 “Leon Leon” Lone Doe
94:52 “powder worries” plant food
96:15 “train song” deer scout / customs EP
99:29 SubInev on BTR
99:57 “My Dearest” Freya
104:01 “Peas & Carrots” Henoheno
106:35 “Soak” Good Good Blood
109:20 “Only One Who Feels A Little Bit Bad “ Fazed on a Pony
111:27 “Check My Heart” FANPAGE
115:58 “Fairytale Delirium” Yani Martinelli
119:36 “Meant (v2019)” Spartan Jet-Plex
123:34 SubInev on BTR
124:04 “Daily News Headline” Spirit Plate
128:27 “Mighty Three” Nice Legs
131:25 “D’You” Fazed On A Pony
133:54 “Gathering Parade” NEWFOUNDLAND
137:03 “Passing Place” Good Good Blood
139:06 SubInev on BTR / outro
140:32 END.

Part two of our Fox Food Records indie label feature begins with an extensive interview with label founder/owner James Smith (who also records as Good Good Blood), followed by another hour of music from the label’s catalog. Check out part one of this feature here.

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