Episode 174 / Ba Da Bing Records Part 2: A Deeper Dive

Premiere DateFeb 28, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:24 "Even In The Tremor" Lady Lamb
05:47 "Permafrost Drip" Colossal Yes
09:45 "Sparklers" Tiny Ruins
13:24 "Lost on Me" Arc Iris
17:41 "Nothing" Katie Von Schleicher
21:55 "20,000 Leagues Underneath The Serpent" ANMLPLNET
29:55 SubInev on BTR
30:31 "Postcards From Italy" Beirut
34:45 "Disgrace" TALsounds
37:54 "Pistol" Colossal Yes
40:45 "The Summing Of Moments" Tiny Vipers
44:31 "Little Orange" Cross Record
48:31 "Endless" youbet
51:21 "5" The Dead C
55:54 "Face Smashed, Drooling" Cross Record
59:30 "At Night" Eagle Rock Gospel Singers
62:48 "Cat's Cradles" Isengrind
65:02 SubInev on BTR
65:39 "Sleepwalker" Julie Byrne
69:54 "Negative Boogie" David Nance
72:29 "Glad To Be Here" Katie Von Schleicher
75:45 "Sun Tower" Natural Snow Buildings
79:58 "Waking" Sarah Davachi
82:31 "Breaking Weight" She Keeps Bees
86:35 "Geranium" Aoife Nessa Frances
90:41 SubInev on BTR
91:47 "On and On" The Baird Sisters       
95:10 "Water Barrier" TwinSisterMoon
97:16 "Cherry Tree" Xenia Rubinos
103:16 "High Rise" Cross Record
105:46 "Cycle" youbet
108:50 SubInev on BTR / outro
110:10 END

We’re following last week’s interview with Ba Da Bing! Records found Ben Goldberg with a deeper dive into some of the label’s output from the last two and a half decades!

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