Episode 171 / Spinster Interview

Premiere DateFeb 7, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:33 "I Wanna Know" Rosali
06:48 Spinster Sounds Interview
34:44 "Battle March" Slut Pill
37:02 "Going Down To Fannie Mae's Place (Don't Start Me Talkin')" Precious Bryant
39:44 "Becker" Amelia Courthouse
42:20 "The Night Is Long" Village Of Spaces
45:16 "Rise To Fall" Rosali
53:07 "Stiff Cookie" Slut Pill
55:28 "Creatures" Fitness Womxn
56:44 "Unstruck Sound (Santahu Man Pavnai Sukh Baniaa)" Ami Dang
59:47 "Who's To Say" Rosali
64:07 SubInev on BTR
65:19 "Nona" Slut Pill
68:28 "Hugh Kenner" Amelia Courthouse
72:45 "Maybe I'm Right" Rosali
76:05 "Handsome Molly" Jake Xerxes Fussell
80:02 "Stellaria Media" Emmalee Hunnicutt
86:05 "Pearl Party" Slut Pill
88:37 "If I Was Your Heart" Rosali
91:52 "Murphie" Amelia Courthouse
109:15 SubInev on BTR / outro
110:15 END

This week we’re chatting with Emily Hilliard and Sally Anne Morgan about the intersectional feminist record label, SPINSTER, and checking out extended selections from their four releases to date:  Trouble Anyway by Rosali, Quilt Of The Universe by Various Artists, Ruby Glass by Amelia Courthouse, and Slut Pill’s self-title record.

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