Episode 169 / Crafted Sounds

Premiere DateJan 24, 2020
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR/intro
01:06 “Bender Szn” Flower Crown
05:21 Crafted Sounds Interview
54:55 “Deja” Bat Zuppel
57:52 “I Do “ Eyebawl
61:04 “I’m Not Depressed” Short Fictions
63:50 “Building A Family” SPISH
66:58 “Medicine” Silver Car Crash
71:49 “Not Anyone Else's Fool” Joyframe
74:19 “For Your Love” Adan Yeti
78:51 “Country” Merce Lemon
81:25 “Horror Movie” Wildhoney
84:35 “Saturday” The Zells
92:28 “Cats” Surf Bored
95:32 SubInev on BTR
96:12 “Valley” BBGuns
99:43 “Casper” Water Trash
102:03 “Soften” Flossy Clouds
104:29 “See It” Father Tribe
107:52 “Delusion” Sleep Movies
111:43 “Ain't No Fun “ The Lopez
115:33 “In His Attic” Barlow
117:03 “Landmine” Spooled Up
119:27 “Advice” High Sunn
121:46 “Johnny When He’s Sweet and John For All The Rest” Merce Lemon
123:39 “High Fantasy” Flower Crown
126:53 SubInev on BTR/outro
128:16 END!

Connor Murray of the Pittsburgh-based label, Crafted Sounds, joins us for a discussion about the label – from it’s beginnings to working with Misra for distribution – touching on the need for community, finding mentors, and keeping things analog.

Bryan has been blogging about, photographing, and making music for the better part of two decades. As a Senior Video Producer on the BTRtv video team, he works closely with artists, labels, and the music industry…