Episode 167 / Rounder Records Interview

Premiere DateJan 10, 2020
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:44 "I Don't Dream Anymore" Logan Ledger
05:34 Rounder Records interview
45:54 "Away From The Mire" Billy Strings
53:29 "Expectations" Katie Pruitt
57:21 "Weather Balloons" Susto
61:02 "Love Your Lies" Samantha Fish
63:42 "Hiding Bottles" Bear's Den
67:43 "Song About a City" Caroline Spence
71:01 "Next Train South" The Po' Ramblin' Boys
73:31 "Call My Name" I'm With Her
76:37 "What You Don't Know" Caroline Spence
80:23 SubInev on BTR
80:52 "Manual Transmission" Susto
84:43 "Guitar Peace" Billy Strings
88:47 "Dream Girl" Samantha Fish
92:57 "Ice on the Timber" The Po' Ramblin' Boys
97:15 "Conversations With Ghosts" Bear's Den
101:15 "Invisible Blue" Logan Ledger
104:39 "Enough To Leave" Billy Strings
108:20 "Long Haul" Caroline Spence
112:16 "Ever Since I Lost My Mind" Susto
115:23 SubInev on BTR / outro
116:43 END.

Rounder Records is an independent Nashville, TN-based label specializing all types of roots music. With a rich 50-year history in the industry, there’s a ton of ground to cover, so we got into it a bit with the label’s president, John Strohm. In the second half of the show, we check out some music from the label’s latest releases, including Susto, Katie Pruitt, Logan Ledger, Billy Strings, Caroline Spence, and more.

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