Episode 165 / 2019 Recap Part 2

Premiere DateDec 27, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR
01:12 “Skin I'm In” Ghost Funk Orchestra
04:03 “Slow Rise II” Sun June
07:26 “Boogie Island” Shormey
11:51 “Near” (Sandy) Alex G
13:56 “JCult” A Beacon School
16:39 “Gnarbone” Penelope Isles
23:33 “Nighttime Drive” Jay Som
31:14 SubInev On BTR
31:48 “Ollie” Peaer
33:45 “Ballerina” Romantic States
36:56 “Expiration Date” Boy Scouts
40:55 “Don't Call me Windy” Luke Temple
44:34 “Golden Babyland” Lina Tullgren
48:15 “Don't You Ever” Joanna Sternberg
51:09 “Phoenix” Oh, Rose
54:24 “Right Now Is All We Know” Shana Falana
58:18 “Hanging Out of Cars” Empath
61:28 SubInev On BTR
62:06 “Star” Allah-Las
66:11 “Bess's Dance” Itasca
70:11 “I’ve Got Reason” Mikal Cronin
73:53 “Bloom” Great Grandpa
78:14 “Moonfire” The Nunnery
81:22 “It'd Never Be Enough” Sean Henry
85:34 “Act Natural” Ganser
88:58 “Sorceress” Desert Sharks
93:04 “Trust” Surf Curse
95:47 “Slingshot” Charly Bliss
98:18 SubInev On BTR
98:41 “Prism” Control Top
102:14 “Just Alright” Tokyo Shoegazer
105:59 “I Am Going Back To The Country” Jonathan Something
108:46 “The Real Moon” Jennah Barry
111:38 “Suburban Dream” Honey Cutt
114:17 “Faces” Failed Flowers
116:18 “Nothing Else To Think About” Strange Ranger
120:21 “Alone Too” Nanami Ozone
124:02 SubInev on BTR / outro
125:39 END

We’re taking a look back at some of our favorite songs, releases, and artists or 2019 in this massive, two-part playlist episode!

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