Episode 163 / Joanna Sternberg + Team Love Update

Premiere DateDec 13, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
02:20 “This Is Not Who I Want To Be [BTRtoday, 2019]” Joanna Sternberg
05:12 Joanna Sternberg interview
48:37 “You Have Something Special [BTRtoday, 2019]” Joanna Sternberg
52:24 “Don’t You Ever [BTRtoday, 2019]” Joanna Sternberg
55:12 “People Are Toys To You [BTRtoday, 2019]” Joanna Sternberg
57:27 “I’ve Got Me [BTRtoday, 2019]” Joanna Sternberg
60:03 SubInev on BTR
60:59 “My Room” Girl Gaze
65:31 “To Be Alone” Yours Are the Only Ears
68:06 “When the Days Cool Down” Lorkin O'Reilly
70:51 “By Then Where Will That Be” The Lowest Pair
76:35 “Solitude” Kendl Winter
80:30 “Slowing” Guilt Mountain
83:36 “Say Goodbye” Good Good Blood
87:45 SubInev on BTR
88:55 “Domino” High Up
93:03 “Fine Country” New Raspberry Bandits
96:07 “Twist” Lorkin O'Reilly
99:09 “Melting” Girl Gaze
101:35 “Low” Yours Are the Only Ears
104:14 “Pretend It's True” The Lowest Pair
108:11 “Pimba” Joanna Sternberg
111:02 SubInev on BTR / outro
112:38 END

This week we’re revisiting Joanna Sternberg, the NYC-based artist and musician who we produced a mini-documentary on earlier this year. As part of that project, we conducted an interview at our podcast studio and recorded a live session at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn. In this episode, you’ll hear that complete interview and studio performance, followed by some recent music from the Team Love Records, who put out Joanna’s full length record, Then I Try Some More.

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