Episode 161 / Solitaire Recordings Interview

Premiere DateNov 29, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:08 "Cloud" Kate Davis
04:33 Solitaire Recordings interview
47:48 "I Am Going Back To The Country" Jonathan Something
50:35 "Sly Defender" Asdasfr Bawd
54:44 "Keep" I'lls
58:42 "Occlude" Nearly Oratorio
63:36 "Radiovoice" Good Morning
66:25 "NightRider" Wabz
67:52 "Nothing" Common Holly
69:41 "Nobody" Asdasfr Bawd
73:11 SubInev on BTR
73:56 "Hills" Jack Grace
77:17 "Cake" Dannika
80:14 "Speak Low" I'lls
85:10 "Way Too Peaceful" Nearly Oratorio
89:28 "Time To Try Again" Good Morning
91:12 "Confide In Me" Wabz
94:25 "Happy Day" Jonathan Something
97:04 "Racerback" Couture
102:34 "Thrice" I'lls
107:48 "Nihility" Nearly Oratorio
114:14 SubInev on BTR / outro
115:48 END

Solitaire Recordings began in Australia and is currently located in NYC. We sit down with founder/owner Dan Rutman to talk about the label’s beginnings, transitions, and some of the eclectic roster of music it’s putting out.

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