Episode 157 / Topshelf Records

Premiere DateNov 1, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:21 “Apocalypse Whenever” Field Mouse
04:24 Topshelf Records interview
42:43 “I Am in Love With Your Mind” Queen of Jeans
46:09 “Electric Soul Unity” Happy Diving
48:23 “Black Sky” Moller
50:46 “Daydreaming” Thanya Iyer
54:37 “We Don't Have A Sail But We Have A Rudder” El Ten Eleven
57:59 “Etude Of Solitude” toe
62:26 “Rosebush” Bellows
65:24 “GAMES (lullaby for mom)” alfred.
68:31 “What the Fuck” gabby's world
70:11 “Cry” Pema
73:59 “Elvis Is in the Freezer” Ratboys
76:54 “Changes” No Vacation
81:01 “Your Bed” Special Explosion
84:42 “Cover The Roots / Lower The Stems” Moving Mountains
89:38 SubInev on BTR
90:36 “About” Another Michael
93:14 “potage” tricot
97:15 “Heated” Doe
101:17 “Ain't It Strange” The Jazz June
104:07 “No Money” Wild Ones
107:26 “Better to Best” You Blew It!
111:53 “Zone 3” LITE
115:32 “Green With Envy” Aeroplane, 1929
118:22 “Not Man” Infinity Girl
121:43 “sorry Charlie” gobbinjr
125:41 “why” Mid-Air Thief
130:11 “Gaze At Blue” elephant Gym
134:16 “Just Like You” Nai Harvest
138:03 “Katamari Duquette” The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
142:27 SubInev on BTR / outro
144:00 END.

Seth Decoteau of Topshelf Records joins us this week to talk about the label’s beginning over 13 years ago, the changes they’ve gone through along with the shifting music industry, and some of their incredible artists. It’s a long one with tons of music, from BTR favorites Field Mouse and Queen of Jeans to innovative instrumentalists toe, LITE, and Elephant Gym, plus much, much more!

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