Episode 154 / Danger Collective Records interview

Premiere DateOct 11, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:17 “Labyrinth” Surf Curse
04:24 Danger Collective Records interview
39:02 “Friendly Fire” French Vanilla
42:14 “Different” BOYO
46:35 “Dogfight” Current Joys
51:30 “Caterpillar” Momma
55:05 “Yechon” Airhead DC
58:21 “Fraulein” Brutus VIII
61:43 “AVA” Model-Actriz
65:00 “Mantra” BOYO
67:23 “Spirit Week” Slow Hollows
70:19 “Josephine” Dirt Buyer
72:41 “post traumatic all-night-long” - Salvia Palth
75:25 SubInev on BTR
76:06 “Nostalgia” Surf Curse
78:30 “Animals” ROIDZ
80:05 “Under the Sheets” Gap Girls
84:39 “My Friend” Jotay
87:34 “Lucid” Cole Haden
97:34 “ANTI AGING GLOBAL WARMING” - French Vanilla
100:42 “Dance Alone” BOYO
103:39 “Fear” Current Joys
107:10 “Apollo” Momma
110:47 “The Art School Kids” Slow Hollows
113:10 “Good as Gone” BOYO
117:22 “New Face Clean” Model-Actriz
120:15 “HUFF” P.H.F
124:31 “Trust” Surf Curse
127:14 SubInev on BTR / outro
128:25 END

This week we’re taking a look at the Los Angeles-based label Danger Collective Records, speaking with founder Reed Kanter about the label’s beginnings and taking inspiration from LA venue The Smell, how joining up with House Arrest Distribution has helped them out, and what it means to be dangerous. Featuring Surf Curse, BOYO, French Vanilla, Brutus VIII, Momma, and more.

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