Episode 150

Premiere DateSep 13, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR
02:05 “Rocks” Tallies
05:21 “Limb from Limb” Land Lines
08:12 “Secrets in a Small Town” Supermoon
10:10 “100 Years” Vagabon
14:41 “Well Adjusted” Yeesh
18:29 “Ended Up Making Love” Miwi La Lupa
21:41 “Lavender Night” Amy O
23:21 “Untitled” L.A. Witch
26:31 “All Along” Brutus
29:12 SubInev on BTR
29:48 “Nerves” Forth Wanderers
32:25 “My Mine” H. Hawkline
36:35 “By the Way” Scott Orr
40:14 “Lightest Toes“ Ryan Massad
43:47 “Dove” Ari Roar
46:49 “104 Degrees” Slaughter Beach, Dog
49:28 “Every Single Thing” Homeshake
51:58 “Victoria” Beverly
55:37 “Easy Heart” The Duke of Surl
59:07 “Realistic Saturation” Operator Music Band
62:25 SubInev on BTR
63:21 “Game Piece” Language
65:46 “Good For You” Baked
69:18 “Pink Showers” Deeper
71:49 “That's Why” Junior Astronomers
74:12 “Wayside” Renata Zeiguer
77:08 “Ultra Pink” NADINE
79:54 “So I'm Told” Calicoco
82:43 “(You're Better) Than Ever” illuminati hotties
85:03 “Dead Air” Chemtrails
87:53 “Brickwall” Fred Thomas
90:41 “Nite Expo” Oh Sees
93:35 SubInev on BTR
94:36 “Slow Rise II” Sun June
97:59 “if you were mine” NOVA ONE
101:45 “JCult” A Beacon School
104:27 “Laying in the Sun” Anemone
106:56 “Boogie Island” Shormey
111:22 “I’ll Go Home” Campfires
114:09 “Ballerina” Romantic States
117:20 “Diary of a Rose” Mega Bog
121:51 “Beyond a Shadow “ Casket Girls
125:43 SubInev on BTR / outro
128:03 END

For episode 150, we’re revisiting songs played in the first 149 episodes of the show! From favorites of the BTRtoday music library to gems from our record label feature episodes, there’s a lot of great stuff in the mix!



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