Episode 15 / Partisan Records

Premiere DateFeb 10, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro / Partisan Records
00:39 "Art Isn't Real (City Of Sin)" Deer Tick
03:22 "Ensen Dhaif" Emel
07:37 "Cascadia Waving Back" Ages and Ages
11:21 "Birthplace" Flock of Dimes
15:29 "Guess How I Know" John Grant
19:02 "Cowboy Guilt" Torres
21:42 "Singer" Pure Bathing Culture
26:16 SubInev on BTR / Partisan Records
27:53 "Could I Be" Sylvan Esso
32:30 "Home (Leave The Lights On)" Field Report
36:08 "Slow Motion" PHOX
40:55 "Equal Powers" Violents and Monica Martin
44:24 "Violence" Tender
47:03 "Skippin" Eagulls
51:25 "Preludes" Craig Finn
55:38 SubInev on BTR / Partisan Records
56:46 "Ballin Chain" Dilly Dally
59:31 "Wire Frame Mattress" The Wytches
61:34 "Voodoo Doll" Diamond Rugs
66:20 "Mama's Gonna Give You Love" Emily Wells
69:48 "Dogon Genesis" Lumerians
75:35 "It's My Feeling" Holy Sons
78:50 "Hi-Line" Heartless Bastards
83:31 "The Rock" Deer Tick
87:23 SubInev on BTR
88:17 "Bad Humor" Foam Castles
91:13 "Radio Kids" Strand of Oaks
95:36 "Backswimmer" A Deer A Horse
99:43 "Andre" Eldest Son
103:12 "Not A Sign" The Tablets
106:31 "QB Sneak" Active Bird Community
108:49 SubInev on BTR
110:02 "Choose" Living Body
113:21 "Shouldn't Stray From The Shadows" Monster Movie
116:34 "The Shadow Knows" Skyway Man
120:04 "Tomorrow" Delicate Steve
123:50 SubInev on BTR / outro
124:17 finish.

This week on the show, we take a look at the excellent music put out by Partisan Records, and check out brand new tracks from Strand Of Oaks, Foam Castles, A Deer A Horse, The Tablets, Delicate Steve, and more!

You can send feedback on the show, make requests for labels to cover (especially if it’s YOUR label!), and just say hi at b@subinev.com.

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