Episode 147 / the Twitter experiment

Premiere DateAug 23, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:48 "The Experimenter" OH SEES
07:06 "Rodeo" Empath
10:54 "No Playtime" Necking
14:19 "Planet Blue" Amy O
17:01 "Melty Caramelo" Divino Niño
20:52 "Instant Pace" B Boys
24:58 "Deeper" Lunch Lady
27:18 "Mummified" Versus
32:51 SubInev on BTR
33:53 "Mirage" Lisel
37:18 "I Said I Wouldn’t Write This Song" Black Belt Eagle Scout
40:32 "Tangerine" Slaughter Beach, Dog
44:32 "High On My Mind" Young Guv
47:19 "Nighttime Drive" Jay Som
50:28 "Breaking Your Silence" Generationals
53:46 "Older" minihorse
57:48 "Running" Gauche
59:55 "Sunday" Strange Ranger
63:12 SubInev on BTR
63:51 "Saiddone" Lina Tullgren
67:17 "Joke" Peaer
70:27 "For Real Now Not Pretend" Ada Lea
74:58 "Barbados" Drawing Boards
78:53 "Underwater Record Store" Penelope Isles
82:54 "Sneakers" Palehound
85:05 "Expiration Date" Boy Scouts
89:05 "Like I Used To" Summer Cannibals
92:04 SubInev on BTR
93:56 "Problematic Faves" SKULKEN
95:58 "Hell Is A Place On Earth" Citris
99:51 "Big Blank Box" Frend
104:14 "Wristband" Dead Tree Shift
107:03 "Enough" Britt AM
109:53 "Le Velour" Autodrone
115:33 SubInev on BTR
118:02 "Hereditary Trauma Dream Sprinting (Oxford Circle)" Nina Keith
121:49 "Night at the Fair" Darby Cicci
126:24 END

It’s a playlist episode, where we’ve got a great mix of new music for you – with a slight twist at the end. This week I turned to Twitter to ask artists whose music hasn’t been played on the show before to reach out and send me stuff – which resulted in some pretty great submissions, from old friends, to a label that’s new to me, to a gorgeous soundtrack to a new short film. Stay tuned to the end of the show to hear what turned up!

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