Episode 146 / Fire Talk Records 10 Year Special

Premiere DateAug 16, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:41 "Boy Scout" patio
03:14 Fire Talk interview
53:34 "I'll Go Home" Campfires
56:21 "Rolling Back The Dial (feat. Hand Habits)" Dark Tea
59:56 "Boneyard" Flower Orgy
64:03 "Everything is Moving so Fast" The Spookfish
66:47 "Whatever Brings You Peace of Mind" Nassau
71:21 "Lucky" DEHD
73:50 "Trash Hits" Aa (BIG A Little a)
77:01 "Enough" Fran
79:47 "Easy" GOLD DIME
88:01 "Love Me Denver" Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
91:18 "Long Bridge" Murals
94:46 SubInev on BTR
95:32 "Take Me Home or I Die Alone" Dead Gaze
99:58 "Ripe for Consumption" Weeping Icon
103:37 "Run" Deeper
105:55 "Adore" Dreamcrusher
110:25 "Black Chalk" Earring
112:45 "Motivate" Media Jeweler
114:55 "Carsong" Turnip King
118:32 "Angelfish" ADVAETA
123:37 "Paper Window" halfsour
128:34 "Wave" Scully
131:08 "Pass You In The Night" Erasers
135:06 SubInev on BTR
135:44 "I Understand Philip K Dick" Woodsman
147:15 SubInev on BTR / outro
148:27 END

Ahead of the label’s 10 year anniversary celebrations in NYC and Chicago, Fire Talk Records’ Trevor Peterson returns to get us caught up on what the label’s been up to since last we spoke a year ago in April 2018. Featuring new music from Patio, Fran, Deeper, Campfires, Weeping Icon, Erasers, DEHD, and more along with classics from the label’s first decade, we cover a lot of ground this week!

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