Episode 142 / Exit Stencil Recordings Interview

Premiere DateJul 19, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:58 “No Place Is Safe Forever “ Herzog
04:32 Exit Stencil Interview
69:38 “Circle” Ryan Weitzel
73:45 “Surface” Big Bliss
77:29 “Where Are All My Friends” Grant Earl LaValley
82:19 “Picnic” Dreadful Yawns
84:23 “No Way” Damnation of Adam Blessing
87:38 "Always Bad” Company
91:37 "About The Eye Game” 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band)
96:55 “You Clean Up Nice” Herzog
100:50 “Gravity” Mystery Of Two
104:11 “No Lock, No Key” Robert Kidney
108:00 “Don't Your House Look Lonesome” Cat-Iron
110:02 SubInev on BTR
110:23 “If I Never See Cleveland Again” Greatfather
114:00 “Fork!” Happy Place
116:52 “Ghost People” Chomp
119:17 “Too Late” Extra Medium Pony
120:42 "March Of The Bonfire" Roue'
122:57 "Geography" Home & Garden
126:35 “Isles” Ryan Weitzel
130:40 SubInev on BTR / outro
132:07 END

The Cleveland/NYC-based label began in 2002 and has an impressively eclectic catalog, running the gamut from jazz to folk and art-punk. This week, Ryan Weitzel joins us from the label to talk about its history, output, and his own new EP.

Bryan has been blogging about, photographing, and making music for the better part of two decades. As a Senior Video Producer on the BTRtv video team, he works closely with artists, labels, and the music industry…