Episode 140 / Get Better Records Interview

Premiere DateJul 5, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:22 "Fencewalker" Potty Mouth
04:05 Get Better Records Interview
51:33 "Prism" Control Top
55:05 "Roses That Cry" Empath
58:54 "Mesa" Cayetana
61:58 "EVERYTIHNG UGLY" Bacchae
65:30 "INVISIBLE featuring Shirley Manson" the hirs collective
66:38 "Captain Anarchy" Anti-Flag
69:11 "Landmines" Choked Up
70:56 "Body Machine" JUICE
73:07 "22" Potty Mouth
76:12 SubInev on BTR
77:01 "Hanging Out Of Cars" Empath
80:17 "Adulting" Pouty
82:47 "Andy Weed" Thin Lips
85:23 "no heros" Coherence
87:56 "Hard New Pills" Dyke Drama
90:49 "We Sat On The Porch" TANKINI
93:11 "Rescind" Yarrow
95:51 "Sage" Bad Sleep
101:23 "Redeo Fever" Empath
105:12 "Type A" Control Top
107:33 SubInev on BTR / outro
109:14 END

This week we’re featuring the Philadelphia/L.A.-based label, Get Better Records. Two thirds of the team behind the label – Alex Lichtenauer and Ally Einbinder (Jenna Pup was out on tour with HIRS Collective at the time) joined us via Skype from L.A. to talk about the 10-year-old DIY label, featuring music from Bacchae, Empath, Control Top, Potty Mouth, ANTI-FLAG, and more.

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