Episode 138

Premiere DateJun 21, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:10 “The Waves” Las Rosas
04:13 “Method Man” Stef Chura
07:16 “The Craft” Pottery
10:43 “Love Lived Here Once” Christelle Bofale
15:55 “Don't Make It Difficult” Pip Blom
19:30 “My Condolensces” Dumb
21:18 “Magnificent Gestures” Cate Le Bon
26:15 “Further In Out” - Oginalii
30:05 “Suddenly” French Vanilla
33:29 “Life's Too Short” Sacred Paws
37:34 SubInev on BTR
38:19 “The Spiraling” Garcia Peoples
42:17 “Sneakers” Palehound
44:27 “Face To Face” The Robe
46:27 “검은 빛은 붉은 빛으로(Sun. Tears. Red.)” Jambinai
52:13 “You Got It, Steve!” Haybaby
55:21 “Miss U” Gemma
59:19 “No Travel” Quaker Parents
62:16 “Getting Clean” Ryan Pollie
65:41 SubInev on BTR
66:34 “Sweet Sweet Midnight” Stef Chura
72:01 “Black Friday” Palehound
75:17 “Bedhead” Pip Blom
79:13 “Forgotten Kindness” Oginalii
82:18 “Friendly Fire” French Vanilla
85:33 “Idiot Heart” Las Rosas
88:47 “Mother's Mother's Magazines” Cate Le Bon
93:02 “Spell” Pottery
95:05 “Write This Down” Sacred Paws
98:11 “Where to Go” Christelle Bofale
103:10 “My Wave” The Robe
105:48 “Only One” Gemma
109:21 “Only Child’ Ryan Pollie
113:22 “Not Addicted” Quaker Parents
115:39 “Monster” Haybaby
120:39 “Square Wave” Jambinai
125:39 “Slacker Needs Serious Work” Dumb
127:43 “Weathered Mountains” Garcia Peoples
131:45 SubInev on BTR / outro
133:06 END

This week we’re checking out new music from Pottery, Christelle Bofale, Oginalii, Garcia Peoples, The Robe, Haybaby, Gemma, Ryan Pollie, Quaker Parents, Jambinai,Palehound, Sacred Paws, Cate Le Bon, French Vanilla, Stef Chura, and Las Rosas!

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