Episode 135

Premiere DateMay 31, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:05 "Broken Stems" Thee Oh Sees
04:26 "Sunbeat" DEHD
06:25 "What It Is" Dressy Bessy
09:45 "The Guantlet" Quaker Parents
11:57 "Galapaghost" Satellite Pilot
15:03 "Save Me From Your Kindness" Lucy Rose
18:40 "Santa Cruz" Alexei Shishkin
21:13 SubInev on BTR
22:06 "Constant Pose" Greys
25:46 "Bob Ross (Be The Water)" An Horse
34:08 "Seahorse" Jackie Mendoza
36:32 "Be Yourself/Year of the Sadist" Clinic
38:56 "Evening Star" Wand
44:33 SubInev on BTR
45:14 "Saturated" Barrie
47:58 "Powder" Wyndham
51:54 "My Mind Is Not Right" Echo Courts
55:25 "Worked Up" Pottery
59:35 "All I Want" Broken Social Scene
63:08 "Holding On" Hannah Cohen
67:11 SubInev on BTR
68:30 "Shuggie I" Reptaliens
69:11 "Some More" Munya
72:21 "iii" Lowly
73:21 "The Gold Line" Cosmonauts
76:30 "Swimmer" Alex Dupree
79:53 "The Rules" illuminati hotties
84:37 "W" Coughy
86:07 SubInev on BTR
87:09 "Ballad" Museyroom
90:06 "All I Am" Dusted
94:23 "Prosthetic Love" Typhoon
98:20 "Is It Her" Video Age
100:55 "On a Ladder Leading Nowhere" Absofacto
105:07 "Apartments" Sun June
108:40 "Miki Dora" Amen Dunes
113:31 "Sunset On Humanity" Dear Nora
116:07 "Orchard" The Glow
120:28 SubInev on BTR / outro
121:40 END

As we finally start to get a taste of summer in NYC we’ve got a sweet playlist featuring a mix of new releases, tracks from our featured record labels, and cool finds from the music library to get things warmed up!


Bryan has been blogging about, photographing, and making music for the better part of two decades. As a Senior Video Producer on the BTRtv video team, he works closely with artists, labels, and the music industry…