Episode 131 / Winspear interview

Premiere DateMay 3, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR
01:32 "Hutch" Barrie
03:55 Winspear interview
55:02 "Foam" Divino Niño
58:02 "Mumbo Jumbo" Major Murphy
61:57 "Elastic" Amy O
64:16 "Radio" Spissy
66:54 "Redd Reno: The Hourly Update" Rubber Band Gun
70:12 "Phantom Life" Majetic
72:36 "Convenience" Darkly
77:00 "This Feeling Tonight" Major Murphy
81:40 "Bachelor" Kevin Krauter
87:02 "Healing Power" Pomegranates
91:35 "Playfair" PARTS
95:53 SubInev on BTR
96:46 "You Have Seen The Light (and it Haunts You)" Duncan Kissinger
97:52 "Can't Whistle" Thunder Dreamer
101:30 "Michigan" Barrie
105:00 "Let Me Be The One" Kevin Krauter
107:45 "Come By Sunday" Major Murphy
112:17 "House Down" Brenda's Friend
114:27 "Stepping Stones" The Pills
119:07 "Darjeeling" Barrie
122:23 "Maria" Divino Niño
125:15 SubInev on BTR / outro
126:49 END

This week we’re revisiting the Bloomington, Indiana and Brooklyn, NY-based label and management company, Winspear. Home to Barrie, Amy O, Divino Niño, Major Murphy, and more, we sit down with co-founder Jared Jones to talk about the label!

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