Episode 116 / Tiny Engines redux

Premiere DateJan 18, 2019
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
01:48 “Shave” It Looks Sad.
03:25 “(You're Better) Than Ever” illuminati hotties
05:45 Tiny Engines interview
50:43 “Not Around” Oceanator
54:52 “If We Don't Speak” Alien Boy
58:26 “Melt” Restorations
62:05 “hypnic jerks” Spirit of the Beehive
65:47 “life” awakebutstillinbed
70:03 “I Want It To Be Dark” Strange Ranger
72:01 “Steal The Lake From The Water” Adult Mom
74:59 “tummy/legs” Jouska
81:13 “Cats In The Sun” Runaway Brother
84:43 SubInev on BTR / Tiny Engines
85:47 “Love Is Better” Wild Pink
90:47 “Boroughs” Weller
92:32 “Joke/Rope” Haybaby
95:42 “Milky Way” Long Neck
99:20 “A Weekend With... (The Horse Head)” Personal Space
106:29 “Moxie” Thelma
113:02 “Sick” Peaer
115:04 “Rally” Club Night
118:09 “Radiant Boy” See Through Dresses
121:32 “You're Lucky You Didn't Lose Your Arm” Look Mexico
124:09 SubInev on BTR / outro
125:20 END

For our first record label interview of 2019, we’re revisiting Tiny Engines, the Carolinas-based label now in its 11th year. Co-founder Chuck Daley shares some of the label’s history and we get into much of the ins and outs of running an independent label.

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