Episode 101 / Captured Tracks Interview

Premiere DateOct 5, 2018
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 SubInev on BTR / intro
00:29 SubInev on BTR / Captured Tracks
01:34 “Through Windows” Wild Nothing
04:48 Captured Tracks interview
74:32 “Without You “ Molly Burch
77:12 “Muzak Anonymous” Capital Punishment
80:29 “Faux Text” Drahla
83:54 “Asktell” Lina Tullgren
86:39 “Concrete” Wax Chattels
91:07 “Scary” Chastity
93:24 “Skeleton” MOURN
95:12 SubInev on BTR / Captured Tracks
97:28 “Music Machine” Gabriella Cohen
100:41 “The Weather” Robert Earl Thomas
103:24 “Downhearted [BTR Live Studio, 2017]” Molly Burch
108:16 “Red Dawn [BTR Live Studio, 2017]” Lina Tullgren
112:49 “The Jangling Man” Martin Newell
118:01 “Still Beating” Mac DeMarco
120:54 SubInev on BTR / outro
123:19 END

This week on the show we revisit Captured Tracks, catching up on their new releases since the last time we featured the label, and chatting with founder Mike Sniper about the label’s beginnings, it’s 10th anniversary celebrations, the music industry’s relationship with streaming and social media, what bands trying to get signed should and shouldn’t do, and much more.

Watch “Fitchburg State” by Lina Tullgren on BTR Live Studio.
Watch “Try” by Molly Burch on BTR Live Studio.
Watch “Barcelona City Tour” by Mourn on BTR Live Studio.


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