Episode 10 / Saddle Creek feature

Premiere DateJan 6, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 intro / SubInev on BTR
01:47 “The Ballad Of Arlo Jones” Kevin Morby
04:27 “Secret Makeout Factory” And The Kids
07:36 “We Aren’t the World (Safety Girl)” Wilco
10:14 “Flight” Flock Of Dimes
15:33 “Doom” Deerhoof
18:50 “Black Diamond” Eternal Summers
22:12 SubInev on BTR
23:49 “Givin’ It” Jay Leo Phillips
27:08 “St. Yuppie” Sat. Nite Duets
29:25 “Unfold” Forth Wanderers
31:53 “Through The Heart” Glowfriends
37:12 “Island” Fear Of Men
40:17 SubInev on BTR
43:20 “Future Me” Good Field
46:28 “Inauguration” Hospitality
48:33 “Anything You Want” Dinosaur Feathers
53:00 “Like A Mirror Loves A Hammer” Hiss Golden Messenger
56:58 “Emergency” Summer Cannibals
59:50 “Too Late To Die Young” Beach Slang
62:19 SubInev on BTR / Saddle Creek feature
64:28 “Heart Went Cold” The Thermals
67:02 "Phantasmagoria” Icky Blossoms
70:39 “Sister Cities” Hop Along
75:43 “Wildfire” The Mynabirds
78:42 “Circles” Pujol
81:52 SubInev on BTR / Saddle Creek feature
83:00 “All Right Now” Jake Bellows
85:45 “You Can’t Save ‘Em All” Big Harp
89:57 “Dark Love” Sam Evian
94:29 “Glass Danse” The Faint
97:25 “Lost Time” Twinsmith
100:45 “You Are A Mystery” Orenda Fink
103:05 SubInev on BTR / Saddle Creek feature
105:01 “Falling Out Of Love At This Volume” Bright Eyes
107:17 “The Happiest Place On Earth” Desaparecidos
110:17 “The Casualty” Cursive
113:46 “Some Are Lakes” Land Of Talk
117:21 “You Will Be Free” The Thermals
120:05 SubInev on BTR
122:26 “The Mirror” Damaged Bug
125:17 Subinev on BTR outro
125:24 FINISH

In this, our first episode of 2017, we check out Omaha, NE record label Saddle Creek!

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