The Subliminal Inevitable Show
The Subliminal Inevitable Show started on the airwaves of WNYU-AM in the pre-blog world. Focusing on new and notable indie rock and whatever weirdness comes our way, the Sub-Inev show is back on BTRtoday to help you navigate these noisy waters. Each week on the show, we'll also spend some time looking at the latest releases from a different record label.
Bryan has been blogging about, photographing, and making music for the better part of two decades. As a Senior Video Producer on the BTRtv video team, he works closely with artists, labels, and the music industry…
Recent Episodes
In this episode we’re catching up with Greg and Kevin of the Chicago-based label, Born Yesterday Records. We talk about the young label’s beginnings, how the pandemic has affected their bands (Deeper, Stuck) and the label, and we dive in for a ton of music from their catalog.
It’s time for another new music catchup episode! We’re checking out tracks from releases new to the BTRtoday music library from the past two months, including some you may have been introduced to on The Music Digest and BTR Live Studio recently.
It’s election week. Here’s a mix full of anxiety, fear, misery, and a bit of hope for ya.
In this episode, we’re featuring the Northampton, MA-based label/collective, Rub Wrongways Records. I chat with label founder/musician Henning Ohlenbusch about the label, how quarantine changed plans for some of his artists, and the label’s evolution over the past two decades., including and explanation of their motto: “It’s a record label, no it’s not.” We also talk a bit about two topics that may be of interest to fans of independent music, which are addressed in a very straightforward way on the label’s website: Free Ways To Support Bands and Where Does The Money Go?  
In part two of our indie record label feature on the experimental Chicago-based label American Dreams Records, we’re taking a deeper dive into the label’s catalog, leaning into the longer, ambient, and heavier corners of the label’s output.
In this episode we’re featuring the Chicago-based experimental label American Dreams, including an extensive interview with founder Jordan Reyes where we cover his new music video for “Rebirth At Dusk,” some of the label’s upcoming releases (including his own Sand Like Stardust), Zen and meditation, how the pandemic has affected his life, work, and art, pinball, and so much more.