Episode 5 // Oriana Leckert / DIY after Ghost Ship

Premiere DateDec 19, 2016
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID //
00:15 // Welcome //
02:35 “Darlin’” NO ICE
06:16 “Renaissance Faire” Milk Dick
07:40 “Anymore” THICK
11:18 // Mic Break //
13:53 “Understate” The Royal They
18:35 // Introduction to Oriana Leckert / DIY after Ghost Ship //
19:26 // What were some of your first thoughts after you heard about the fire?
23:15 // Were there any Brooklyn spots that came to mind?
27:33 // “Cluttered” as a derogatory term
32:48 // Fallout for other DIY spaces
36:31 // Cracking down vs. assisting
40:24 // The devaluation of art and artists
43:01 // Cities take artists for granted / U.S. versus elsewhere
46:34 // NYC is ahead of the curve on closing DIY spaces
48:20 // Market Hotel
50:14 // The Alt-right vs. DIY
57:19 // Preaching to the choir / living in a bubble
60:15 // Are there right-leaning DIY spots?
66:52 // What do you suggest to people who run and go to DIY spaces?
72:06 // Love each other.
72:48 // The future of DIY and alternative spaces
75:44 // Bill De Blasio / bridging the divide between reality and politics
81:21 // Thanks to Oriana / Outro //
82:12 “The Cemetery” NO ICE
85:56 Finish.

Oriana Leckert is a writer based in and extremely focused on Brooklyn. For years, one of her ongoing projects was a website called Brooklyn Spaces that featured interesting spots around brooklyn — music and event venues, galleries, etc. Eventually, she put together a book in 2015, by the same name that featured fifty of the most interesting spaces she knew from her burgeoning expertise on the subject. Between the website and the book, she knows a lot of DIY spaces and a lot of what goes on around them, so after hearing about the tragedy that occurred at Ghost Ship in Oakland, California, on Friday December 2nd, I asked Oriana if she could come by to talk about DIY culture and the effects that this event has already had and may continue to have going forward. Also, in this episode, we hear a few bands that are playing around NYC in the first week of 2017.

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