Episode 21 // Winston Cook-Wilson + Office Culture

Premiere DateAug 16, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID //
00:16 // Welcome //
01:26 // About Winston Cook-Wilson //
03:54 “Try It” (Interlude) Office Culture
06:03 // INTERVIEW: Musical beginnings, from Pittsburgh to NYC //
16:31 “Men Of Substance” Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire
21:29 // INTERVIEW: Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire to Office Culture //
36:37 “Molly” Office Culture
42:13 // INTERVIEW: Office Culture //
50:37 // INTERVIEW: Randy Newman + solo project //
67:08 “Wolf” Winston Cook-Wilson
72:07 // INTERVIEW: solo project //
77:27 // INTERVIEW: Baby’s All Right / August 30th //
79:33 // Outro… //
80:22 // Finish.

Winston Cook-Wilson is the mastermind behind Office Culture, a project that’s been featured on this podcast many times. Additionally, he’s got a separate solo project and works as a cultural writer for outlets such as Spin and Pitchfork. We discuss all of that, plus his musical beginnings and history (including his old group, Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire), and his interview with his musical hero, Randy Newman.

Mentioned in the episode:

“Randy Newman Stages the Most Ambitious Production of His Career” // Spin

Review: Randy Newman – ‘Good Old Boys’ // Pitchfork

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