Episode 12 // Stephen Perry + The Planes

Premiere DateApr 5, 2017
Categories Indie Music Rock
00:00 // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID //
00:19 // Welcome //
02:22 “Fine Dining” OxenFree
06:08 “Slow Down” Lexie Roth
09:33 // Mic Break //
14:01 “The Ballad Of Jort Dad” The Mad Doctors
17:36 “She’s A Psycho” The Mad Doctors
20:29 “Miscarry On” Stuyedeyed
24:05 “Lyric Machine” The Royal They
27:10 “Trudy June” Crazy Pills
31:16 // The Mad Doctors LP Release Show //
34:38 // Intro: Stephen Perry + The Planes //
36:31 “Stick Around” The Planes
39:05 // Interview: Stephen Perry / Growing Up On Cape Cod //
43:12 // Interview: Stephen Perry / College Years //
45:53 // Interview: Stephen Perry / Post College To New York //
49:03 // Interview: Stephen Perry / The Planes //
56:08 // Interview: Stephen Perry / What’s Different About NYC Now? //
63:58 // Interview: Stephen Perry / Tapes //
68:43 // Interview: Stephen Perry / The Making Of ‘Wax Diamond’ //
74:54 // Interview: Stephen Perry / Meaning Of ‘Wax Diamond’ //
78:47 // Interview: Stephen Perry / Get The Album! //
80:52 // Outro: Stephen Perry + The Planes //
81:09 “ATMs” The Planes
83:58 // Mic Break //
84:30 “Maya” Peter Silberman
89:03 // Disclaimer //
89:35 Finish.

Stephen Perry has been a fixture of the local Brooklyn/NYC music scene for the better part of a decade now. His band, The Planes, recently took a year-long hiatus, but is now back strong after playing some shows and putting out a new album called Wax Diamond. Mr. Perry was kind enough to stop by and chat about his personal musical history, from his time growing up on Cape Cod to now, as well as the new album. Additionally, we have new music by The Mad Doctors, as well as all the artists playing their upcoming LP release show at Our Wicked Lady — Stuyedeyed, The Royal They, and Crazy Pills. And we have new and recent tunes by OxenFree, Lexie Roth, and Peter Silberman to boot.

For more on The Mad Doctors, check out the the most recent editions of The Music Meetup podcast and column by BTRtoday’s very own Elena Childers.

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