Episode 30 // 2017 Year In Review

Premiere DateDec 20, 2017
00:00 // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID //
00:16 // Welcome //
02:17 “The Image” Katie Von Schleicher
05:38 “Horoscopes” Grooms
09:40 “Electric Abdomen” Landlady
14:40 “Try It” Office Culture
20:12 “Celebrity Cruises” The New Restaurants
23:16 “The Field” Elizabeth Devlin
27:57 “Phil and Serge” Winston C.W.
31:55 “White Couches” Thelma
36:57 “Loose End” Pat Kelly
39:22 “Raise & Fall” GunFight!
44:08 // Mic Break //
46:53 “EMT Police and the Fire Department” Shilpa Ray
51:05 “Dial M (For Sultry)” The Mad Doctors
54:13 “Psycho” Grim Streaker
56:51 “Cover Me” Parlor Walls
59:24 “Funeral” Stuyedeyed
63:46 “Machine” OxenFree
67:57 “Pink Clouds” Dead Stars
70:27 "ATMs" The Planes
73:16 “SkyRide” The Jaguar Club
78:41 "Feeling Good About Feeling Good" Art Feynman
86:13 // Outro + Disclaimer //
91:04 // Finish.

For our final episode of the year, we present twenty songs by NYC-based artists who had new music out in 2017. We wholeheartedly recommend you support these artists by buying as many of these as you can:

Katie Von Schleicher – Shitty Hits
Grooms – Exit Index
Landlady – The World Is A Loud Place
Office Culture – I Did The Best I Could
The New Restaurants – forgetabout.institute
Elizabeth Devlin – Orchid Mantis
Winston C.W. – Thirty
Thelma – Thelma
Pat Kelly – Planet X
GunFight! – Stripes
Shilpa Ray – Door Girl
The Mad Doctors – No Waves, Just Sharks
Grim Streaker – Girl Minority
Parlor Walls – Opposites
Stuyedeyed – Funeral
OxenFree – Another Land
Dead Stars – Perfect Patterns
The Planes – Wax Diamond
The Jaguar Club – Memory Moon
Art Feynman – Blast Off Through The Wicker

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