Episode 29 // The Royal They + Guided By Voices

Premiere DateDec 6, 2017
00:00 // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID //
00:16 // Welcome //
01:22 // New track from The Royal They //
02:29 “Sludgefucker” The Royal They
05:55 “Truncheon” The Royal They
08:50 “Nothing But Love” Crazy Pills
12:26 “Look Alive” Crazy Pills
14:54 “Bloom” El Silver Cabs
18:35 // Mic Break //
22:50 “Hissing For Peace” Pile
25:48 “Fingers” Pile
30:32 “Being Nothing” Bad History Month
33:37 “A Warm Recollection” Bad History Month
35:55 // Mic Break //
40:19 “When We All Hold Hands At The End Of The World” Guided By Voices
42:16 “Sudden Fiction” Guided By Voices
44:54 “Boy W” Guided By Voices
47:25 “Nothing Gets You Real” Guided By Voices
49:45 // Mic Break //
51:26 "Iron Lung” Black Marble
55:17 “Golden Heart” Black Marble
58:37 // Outro + Disclaimer //
60:00 // Finish.

The year is set to close out with lots of great rock shows happening around NYC. We’ve got a new track called “Sludgefucker” by The Royal They mixed in with music by Crazy Pills and El Silver Cabs to preview a show they’re all playing at The Gutter. Plus we’ve got tracks from the two most recent Guided By Voices albums making their BTR premiere. And we have tracks by Pile and Bad History Month to preview the release show they’re playing for Exploding In Sound Records’ Live At Shea. Also, Black Marble has a show in Brooklyn, so we have a couple of tracks by them.

J grew up down in Louisiana and Texas before moving to NYC for college. After college, he decided to stick around, working in film and television production for well over a decade. He came to BTR in 2011 when he…