Ep 72, part 2 // ...Is Still In Your Future

Premiere DateJul 31, 2019
00:00 ...continued from Part 1 //
00:58 "Weak Numbers" Passenger Peru
08:05 "What If I" Teletextile
12:02 "Glowing Mouth" Milagres
18:28 "I Know You Would Do Anything For Love But What Would You Do For Me" Miniboone
23:20 "Bad Thing" (Serious Business, 2012) Ball of Flame Shoot Fire
27:15 "Creepy Meatball" (Serious Business, 2011) Weird Children
30:13 "Break It Down" Crazy Pills
33:35 "Turing” Mount Sharp
36:58 "Leonardo" (BTR Live Studio, 2013) Howth
42:51 "Marky Moon" Robot Princess
46:39 "Man Identified" Lost Gloves
49:08 "Stick Around" The Planes
51:39 "Pink Clouds" Dead Stars
54:08 "Bygones" Libel
58:02 "Laura V." The Meaning of Life
61:48 // Song + Artist Credits //
62:55 // About the songs, etc //
64:45 "All That I've Got" Mitten
68:30 "Electric Abdomen" Landlady
73:29 "Deli Run" Ava Luna
76:31 "Cover Me" Parlor Walls
79:05 "More" Kid in the Attic
82:00 "Manatee" gobbinjr
83:57 "I Don't Know" The Judith Lights
86:45 "INTJ" Jesse R. Berlin
90:31 "Wake Up" Doctor Breakfast and the Fuzz
94:23 "National Treasure Pt. 2" The New Restaurants
97:22 "Try It" Office Culture
102:55 "Sunk" Operator Music Band
106:53 "Cool Kids" Shana Falana
111:34 "BackBack" Gracie Mansion
116:34 "Something For The Pain" Shelter Dogs
120:25 // Song + Artist Credits //
121:22 // Inundated by music / more new projects by old faces / when your friends first start playing music //
123:56 // People who’ve been interviewed on the podcast //
126:17 "Guts" Grim Streaker
128:29 "Nerd Alert" (BTR Live Studio, 2018) The Mad Doctors
130:49 "Dream of Light" Feral Scouts
135:12 "Understate" The Royal They
139:46 "Sides" Catty
143:14 "Apostate" Mount Sharp
147:46 "Deep Cry" Nikkie McLeod
152:49 “Tropical Climes" Isaac Gillespie
156:09 "Closer To God" Wilder Maker
162:02 "I Need A Man" Sam Evian
165:13 "The Image" Katie Von Schleicher
168:38 // Song + Artist Credits //
169:44 // Ending with a special song… and an old superstition / thank you to everybody who’ ever listened! //
175:33 “Bless This Bus” The Unsacred Hearts
179:38 // Outro //
180:13 // End Transmission.

NOTE // This is a continuation from Part 1

After moving to NYC in 1998 and beginning to seriously play music there in 2001, J is leaving the city in the fall, so this is the last episode of the podcast. It’s packed with around 6 hours of music, so it’s split into two parts, and reviews many of the artists he’s gotten to know either personally or musically during his time in New York.



Host J. McVay
J grew up down in Louisiana and Texas before moving to NYC for college. After college, he decided to stick around, working in film and television production for well over a decade. He came to BTR in 2011 when he…