Ep 42 // Northside Fest Preview

Premiere DateJun 6, 2018
00:00 // StereoactiveNYC / BTRtoday ID //
00:40 // Welcome / About the Northside Fest //
01:56 // BTRtoday Presents Lou Barlow + Shana Falana + The Goon Sax //
03:22 “Apocalypse Fetish” Lou Barlow
06:53 “Brainy Fox” Shana Falana
09:42 // Artists playing Friday, June 8th //
15:08 “Big Moves” Garchamp
17:19 “Two In The Head” Garchamp
20:14 “The Image” Katie Von Schleicher
23:34 “Health Machine” Sam Evian
27:25 “Notes From Captivity” Holy Tunics
30:25 // Artists playing Saturday, June 9th //
32:47 “Dreamin’” ¡Vamanos!
34:47 “Freak Child” Grim Streaker
36:31 “Fortune” (BTR Live Studio, 2017) Big Bliss
38:57 “Bleeding” THICK
41:10 “The Cemetery” NO ICE
44:51 “Backswimmer” A Deer A Horse
49:03 // More artists playing Saturday, June 9th //
52:18 “Wayside” (BTR Live Studio, 2018) Renata Zeiguer
55:35 “Ay That’s Me” Deerhoof
58:36 “Ypsilanti” Protomartyr
61:42 “Friends” Dead Stars
64:39 “Solid 2 Void” Half Waif
66:44 // Outro //
69:42 // Finish.

This episode essentially functions as something of an itinerary for this year’s Northside Festival, offering suggestions of artists you can see each night at various venues around town if you’re into some major show-hopping to see and hear as much music as you can. And it all starts with BTRtoday’s very own showcase at The Knitting Factory on Thursday, June 7th, with Lou Barlow, Shana Falana, and The Goon Sax.

Host J. McVay
J grew up down in Louisiana and Texas before moving to NYC for college. After college, he decided to stick around, working in film and television production for well over a decade. He came to BTR in 2011 when he…