Northampton, Massachusetts

Premiere DateSep 12, 2017
00:00 Spotlight on Northampton, MA
00:55 Incunabula Winterpills
04:55 Drybones Mikey Sweet
09:20 Hotel Town Jake Klar
12:51 No, It's Not Workman Song
17:29 In Circles Honeyfitz
21:16 Pile of Rocks Glenn Echo
24:08 Spotlight on Northampton, MA
25:29 I Can't Tell What The Time is Telling Me And the Kids
30:07 Dream Map Moon Power
34:51 Major Arcana Old Flame
37:49 The Garden Dirt Devil
40:23 Hey Bartender! Lexi Weege & The Wondertwins
42:54 Spotlight on Northampton, MA
43:56 Linger Longer Heather Maloney
48:02 For the Record Julie Cira
51:47 Pizzaface Hammydown
56:19 Shrug It Off Wocky
62:07 Carry Nanny
64:28 Spotlight on Northampton, MA
66:00 I Want 2 Be Ur Friend Mammal Dap
70:33 Finish

For the month of September,  I’m am featuring Northampton, Massachusetts!  You’ll hear from Julie Cira, Mammal Dap, Nanny, Mikey Sweet and more!


Dirt Devil – Dirt Devil LP

Glenn Echo – Ancients

Hammydown-Pizza Face

Jake Klar-Crescent St. Blues

Honeyfitz-Old Pattern

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