Dayton, Ohio

Premiere DateJul 11, 2017
00:00 Spotlight on Dayton, Ohio
00:57 Thief Salvadore Ross
04:44 Ever Ever Ever M Ross Perkins
07:37 Gold Me & Mountains
10:51 Falling Off The Face Of The Earth Manray
13:17 Spotlight on Dayton, Ohio
14:51 Made of Gold Human Cannonball
17:28 America's Greatest Country Freedom Song Lioness
21:21 Midwestern Waste Moira
24:56 Shoot First Oh Condor
28:50 Spotlight on Dayton, Ohio
30:00 Dear Howard YouVees
33:09 Games People Play Cricketbows
36:38 Under the Cover of Night Neo-American Pioneers
38:48 Don't Deserve You Shrug
42:22 Spotlight on Dayton, Ohio
43:57 Floor Machine Company Man
46:59 Pooter D.A.R.Y.L.
53:23 Vote Like Daddy Lute Student
58:04 Bleary Eyes PeoplePerson
61:02 Lady HariKari Plasteroid
65:52 Spotlight on Dayton, Ohio
66:45 Home The New Old-Fashioned
69:52 Finish

For the month of July, I’m am featuring Dayton, Ohio!  You’ll hear from M Ross Perkins, Manray, Oh Condor, Human Cannonball and more!


Human Cannonball-Let’s Be Friends

Lioness-Time Killer

M Ross Perkins- M Ross Perkins

Manray-Two Kinds of Worry

Me and Mountains – Gold

Moira-Asleep/Repeat/Awake EP

Neo-American Pioneers-Big Wide Open Blue

Oh Condor-Reflector

Overthought Musik

Salvadore Ross-Mystery Head

Shrug-Age of Ashes

The New Old-Fashioned-Low-Down Dirty Summer Nights

Lioness-Time Killer

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