Rome, Italy

Premiere DateJun 13, 2017
00:00 Spotlight on Rome, Italy
00:51 Manifesto La Batteria
05:11 Barbed Times The Blues Against Youth
08:58 Arancio Orange8
12:34 Niente è per sempre Elisa Rossi
15:45 Plim My Violent Ego
18:29 Spotlight on Rome, Italy
20:06 The Circle is Closed Except Where it Bleeds Weird.
24:33 Flashes Sea Dweller
30:40 Maybe But Not Today Vortical Minds
34:18 At All La Casa al Mare
36:55 Running Round Date at Midnight
42:25 Spotlight on Rome, Italy
43:49 Skies as Ceilings La Calle Mojada
48:08 Sleep One Eyed Mokadelic
53:51 Thirteen Snow In Mexico
57:31 Inferno A Space Love Adventure
62:26 Spotlight on Rome, Italy
63:04 Chimera La Batteria
66:39 Finish

For the month of June, I’m going to feature Rome, Italy. You’ll hear from Weird., The Blues Against Youth, A Space Love Adventure and more! Stay tuned!

A Space Love Adventure-Limit Break

Date at Midnight-Songs To Fall and Forget

Elisa Rossi-Eco

La Batteria-La Batteria

La Calle Mojada-So Far From Winter Fall

La Casa al Mare-This Astro


My Violent Ego-Carried Along By Fate

Orange8-Let The Forest Sing

Sea Dweller-Signs of a Perfect Disaster

Snow in Mexico-Breath

The Blues Against Youth-Apprentice LP

Vortical Minds-The Orange box

Weird.-A Long Period of Blindness

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