Manchester, England

Premiere DateMay 9, 2017
00:00 Spotlight on Manchester, England
01:08 Still Standing Children of Zeus
04:57 Every Single Time feat Dr Syntax The Mouse Outfit
07:57 Who Gwan Test feat Sparkz + Dubbul O The Mouse Outfit
12:35 Central Nervous System (featuring Hannah Grasskamp) Dead Sea Apes
16:26 The Map Is Not The Territory Dead Sea Apes
21:37 Black Hole Blind Mic
26:20 Spotlight on Manchester, England
27:53 Monomania (Nobody Loves You Like I Love You) Findlay
31:07 Sagittarius Phoebe Green
34:17 Phantom Pain Easy Kill
37:51 Doctor Ghostbuster VHS
39:16 The Dribbler The Birth Marks
42:17 Couldn't Keep It To Myself Gorgeous Bully
45:21 Spotlight on Manchester, England
46:26 Gimme Love The Rainband
49:36 The Day Venus Trashed Heaven Rhys Bloodjoy
58:08 Reflections Of A Girl Rhys Bloodjoy
61:14 Motorbootin’ Three Dimensional Tanx
62:53 Spotlight on Manchester, England
63:57 Waste My Time Findlay
67:32 Finish

For the month of May, I’m going to feature Manchester, UK. You’ll hear from Findlay, The Mouse Outfit, Ghostbuster VHS and more! Stay tuned!

Blind Mic

Children of Zeus

Dead Sea Apes

Easy Kill


ghostbuster VHS

Gorgeous Bully

Phoebe Green

The Birth Marks

The Mouse Outfit



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