Louisville, Kentucky

Premiere DateApr 11, 2017
00:00 Spotlight on Louisville, Kentucky
00:57 The Things I Do For Fun Wax Fang
04:46 DRDR Brenda
08:19 The Ones To Beat Jaxon Lee Swain
11:24 About Time You Came To Me Jaye Jayle
15:30 Spotlight on Louisville, Kentucky
16:30 Learn To Listen Ben Sollee
21:01 Broken Strings Silver Tongues
24:16 Live/Die Nellie Pearl
27:54 Go Outside Justin Paul Lewis
32:24 Horoscope Frederick The Younger
36:57 Spotlight on Louisville, Kentucky
37:39 I’ll Take Time The Pass
41:11 As Bright As Your Night Light Nerves Junior
45:36 Feels Like I'm Falling Maximon
48:03 The Wind Brings You Justin North
49:38 Spotlight on Louisville, Kentucky
51:07 Moon The Filipino Snares
54:56 Finish

For the month of April, I will feature Louisville, Kentucky. You’ll hear from Wax Fang, Justin North, Nerves Junior, Ben Sollee, Jaye Jayle and more. Stay tuned!

Wax Fang

The Pass

Silver Tongues

Brenda by Brooke Shanesy

Nerves Junior

Nellie Pearl


Justin Paul Lewis

Justin North

Jaye Jayle

Jaxon Lee Swain

Frederick The Younger

Ben Sollee


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