Winnipeg, Manitoba

Premiere DateMar 8, 2016
00:00 Spotlight on Winnipeg, Manitoba
00:46 Life Of A Better Man Slow Leaves
03:51 You Got Me William Prince
07:19 Keep Showing You Sweet Alibi
10:19 Forever Is A Long Time Scott Nolan
13:34 Not A Songbird Carly Dow
17:18 Spotlight on Winnipeg, Manitoba
18:21 Growing Song Rayannah
22:47 Time Raine Hamilton
25:21 Mountaintop À La Mode
29:11 Another Girl's Shoes Roger Roger
32:24 Words of the Walls Red Moon Road
35:42 Falling Well Sister
39:26 Spotlight on Winnipeg, Manitoba
40:29 Revelation Slow Spirit
44:03 Every Now and Again Brady Allard
46:54 White Girl in a Wu Tang Shirt-Futurekids
51:32 Awful Cat The Unbelievable Bargains
54:07 Bad Love Song Mobina Galore
56:45 Spotlight on Winnipeg, Manitoba
57:09 Do Me Sc Mira
60:20 Show Me You're Real Mise en Scene
63:05 Wastebin Attica Riots
67:08 Worth Our Weight In Gold The Bokononists
70:48 Maggie The Retriever (Bang Bang) Jess Reimer
74:30 Tell Me What You Know About Love The Revival
77:42 Normal Indicator Indicator
81:26 I Died In America The Noble Thiefs
85:27 Spotlight on Winnipeg, Manitoba
86:39 Cool Party Human Music
89:08 Gone Basic Nature
93:00 Nothing Viva Non
96:27 Meet Me At The Forks F.P. Tranquilizer
99:36 Lazerskin Breath Grenades
103:12 Miserable Microdot
105:14 Villians Kindest Cuts
112:34 More Napkins B2 Tim Hoover
118:05 Spotlight on Winnipeg, Manitoba
119:17 Fibre Optic Lamp Rob What
120:55 Finish

These are facts about Lottie: She was born in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Her favorite color is green. She plays piano and guitar. She got her start in the music industry when she was hired as the music…