Spotlight On The City

Premiere DateNov 13, 2012
00:00 Spotlight on the City Lawrence,KS
00:32 Why? Dan Billen
04:23 Does Anybody Ever Really See You Out Cowboy Indian Bear
10:30 Saline Cowboy Indian Bear
13:55 Boxmen and Bagladies (w/Jamie Lacore) -Blakey Bear
17:08 Summershine Blakey Bear
22:51 Spotlight on the City Lawrence,KS
23:38 The Prairie as a Sea Heartscape Landbreak
30:15 Freckles From the Same Sun Monzie Leo and the Northwest Two
33:43 Secrets Of The Universe Sam Billen
36:47 Hands Sam Billen
41:25 Spotlight on the City Lawrence,KS
42:03 Everybody Run Ebony Tusks
45:06 Pizza Power Karma Vision
48:24 Mary Can Feel South Bitch Diet
54:43 Thought O-Matic-Agent X-12
56:52 Spotlight on the City Lawrence,KS
58:23 Kansas In The Springtime Monzie Leo & The Big Sky
62:07 Finish

Spotlight on the City for November 13, 2012 will feature bands and artists from Lawrence, Kansas.

Dan Billen
photo: Dan Billen

Cowboy Indian Bear
photo: Valerie Skubal
Nov 16, 2012 Barley Street Tavern-Omaha,NE
Dec 8, 2012 Celtic Fox-Topeka,KS
Dec 31, 2012 Granada-Lawrence,KS
Jan 18, 2012 Record Bar-Kansas City,MO

Blakey Bear
photo: Blakey Bear

Heartscape Landbreak
photo: Heartscape Landbreak

Sam Billen
photo: Sam Billen

Ebony Tusks
photo: Alex Bonham-Carter

Karma Vision
photo: Karma Vision
Dec 15, 2012 Jackpot Music Hall-Lawrence,KS

Monzie Leo
photo: Monzie Leo
Nov 16, 2012 The Hair Hole-Columbia,MO
Nov 17, 2012 The Magnolia Bar-Louisville,KY
Nov 18, 2012 The Switchyard-Bloomington,IN

South Bitch Diet
photo: South Bitch Diet

photo: Kelly Corcoran

Agent X-12
photo: Agent X-12
Dec 10, 2012 The Bottleneck-Lawrence,KS

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