Spotlight On The City

Premiere DateOct 9, 2012
00:00 Spotlight on Morgantown, West Virginia
00:27 Pity Party Good Sport
03:26 Going Steady Good Sport
07:50 To begin with a request made in vain David Bello
09:22 I Know This David  Bello
13:19 Thomas, Full of Fireflies Unsung
16:25 Briny Unsung
18:22 Spotlight on Morgantown, West Virginia
19:28 Death Parade Haggard Wulf
22:26 Never Bet The Devil Your Head Haggard Wulf
28:12 Big coal Captain Catfeesh
30:10 Jolo Captain Catfeesh
32:59 Come Back Soon Sam Lamont
36:16 Kissing Babies The Sam Lamont Band
41:06 Spotlight on Morgantown, West Virginia
41:57 Epsom Juna
46:15 Fortress Juna
50:16 All We Soldiers Cameron King
54:51 Darling Love Cameron King
57:10 1914 The Devil and the Details
59:41 House of Cards The Devil and the Details
64:34 Spotlight on Morgantown, West Virginia
65:35 This This This This Pat Pat
68:11 In Summers Pat Pat
71:41 What This Planet Needs is Love Best Friends
74:04 Dont Call Me Baby Best Friends
77:46 Emily Einstein The Phantom Six
81:36 Losing Control The Phantom Six
85:29 Go Time Jet Set Vapour Trails
87:56 Spotlight on Morgantown, West Virginia
89:09 Cellophane Vampire Jet Set Vapour Trails
92:19 Finish

The October 2012 edition of “Spotlight on the City” will feature bands and artists from Morgantown, West Virginia.

Good Sport
photo: Good Sport

David F. Bello
photo: David F. Bello

The Phantom Six
photo: The Phantom Six
Oct 26, 2012 123 Pleasant Street-Morgantown,WV
Nov 24, 2012 The Boulevard Tavern-Charleston,WV

Jet Set Vapour Trails
photo: Jet Set Vapour Trails

Haggard Wulf
photo: Haggard Wulf
Oct 12, 2012 Washington Square-Clarksburg,WV
Oct 26, 2012 MJ’s Sports Bar-Fairmont, WV
Nov 2, 2012 Gene’s Beer Garden-Morgantown,WV

photo: Unsung

Captain Catfeesh
photo: Captain Catfeesh
Nov 7, 2012 Gene’s Beer Garden-Morgantown,WV
Feb 9, 2012 Heston Farm Winery-Fairmont,WV

Sam Lamont
photo: Sam Lamont

photo: Juna

Cameron King
photo: Cameron King

The Devil and the Details
photo: The Devil and the Details

Pat Pat
photo: Pat Pat

Best Friends
photo: Best Friends

Thanks to all the artists who participated. Also, a big shout out to  Alec from Morgantown Sound.

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