Boston, Massachusetts

Premiere DateAug 11, 2015
00:00 Spotlight on Boston, Massachusetts
00:40 Chop Vundabar
03:28 Asyd The TeleVibes
08:52 Solace Master Animal Flag
12:05 The Rising Moon, The Setting Sun Ice Dragon
16:51 Sunburn Auva
20:37 Spotlight on Boston, Massachusetts
21:26 Stories Annabel Lee
25:57 Wondering Where You Are Emily Correia
29:25 Sleepovers and Definitions Lady Pills
33:50 In God We Trust Bent Knee
39:06 Stay The Sun The Western Den
43:54 Blue Flowers Everything and Everyone
46:26 Spotlight on Boston, Massachusetts
47:53 Catchew Lillith
51:47 Blue Tomboy
54:33 Cardinal Cross The G Spots
57:04 Ode to a Nematode Palm Spring Life
59:54 In Your Head Party Bois
64:57 n o h e a d r u s h Teenender
68:35 Spotlight on Boston, Massachusetts
69:55 So Red Dent
75:15 Finish

Spotlight on Boston, Massachusetts. August 1, 2015.


The TeleVibes

Animal Flag

Ice Dragon


Annabel Lee

Emily Correia

Lady Pills

Bent Knee
(photo:Eric Freeman)

The Western Den

Everything and Everyone




The G Spots

Palm Spring Life

Party Bois

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