Spotlight On The City

Premiere DateSep 9, 2014
00:00 Spotlight on Savannah, Georgia
00:28 Can't See Through You Fare The Gap
04:45 Usher Surfing Triathalon
08:49 Same Side The Casket Girls
13:01 The Attic The Marshmallow Ghosts
16:59 Brushes Like A Fox Saint Corsair
21:25 Night Swimming Whaleboat
25:05 Spotlight on Savannah, Georgia
25:59 Breakfast Time Slow Motion Girl
30:47 Places Mumbledust
36:33 Microwaves Kill People (live) FAERYTEETH
40:24 I Left Your House Heavy Boots
45:26 Spotlight on Savannah, Georgia
46:11 Gimme Sedatives Sauna Heat
49:11 The Wait is Over Cusses
53:40 See My Mind Beneath Trees
56:43 Bandits Beware Wet Socks
60:17 Unspoken Kylesa
65:04 Slump Sunglow
67:49 Tapeworm Madre Agua
70:47 Press Play New Pink Floyd
74:23 Mad Queen Men Smash Atoms
78:43 Crashing Suns at the Crossroads of Time Crashing Suns
82:23 Spotlight on Savannah, Georgia
83:27 Magnesium Light D R E A M E N D
86:25 I Am Not The Man Black Water Choir
93:01 Wheat Penny Nightingale News
96:02 Buttah Swamp Cabbage
100:26 Stargazing The Accomplices
103:28 Steps Waits & Co.
107:57  Mail Carrier 104 Nighttime Skydiver
110:31 Spotlight on Savannah, Georgia
111:58 Dipsomaniac Velvet Caravan
117:34 Finish

September 9, 2014. Spotlight on Savannah, Georgia.

Fare The Gap


The Casket Girls

The Marshmallow Ghosts

Saint Corsair



Wet Socks

Beneath Trees
Sep 26, 2014 Hangfire Bar -Savannah,GA
Oct 2, 2014 Hangfire Bar-Savannah,GA
Nov 3, 2014 Hangfire Bar-Savannah,GA



Black Water Choir

Nightingale News

Swamp Cabbage

The Accomplices
Sep 12, 2014 185 King Street-Brevard,NC
Sep 13, 2014 Isis Music Hall-Asheville,NC
Sep 22, 2014 The Georgia Theatre-Athens,GA

Waits & Co.
Sep 13, 2014 Blowin’ Smoke Cantina-Savannah,GA
Sep 19, 2014 Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub-Savannah,GA
Sep 20 2014 Revival Fest 2014-Savannah,GA

Velvet Caravan
Sep 14, 2014 North Beach Grill- Tybee Island,GA
Sep 18, 2014 Charles H. Morris Center-Savannah,GA
Sep 20, 2014 Round House-Savannah,GA


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