Spotlight On The City

Premiere DateDec 10, 2013
00:00 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan
00:31 Time is Now Humons
04:42 Made a Place Dog & Panther
08:34 Level Up Vienna Teng
12:24 Girls on Parade George Morris & The Gypsy Chorus
15:52 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan
16:48 Shotgun Flint Eastwood
19:51 Voices Rant On The Go
24:02 Feral Cats Protomartyr
26:54 For You And I The Hounds Below
29:37 We All Need Honey (Facts: Sheefy Mcfly) Lord Scrummage
32:09 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan
33:09 You Showed Me Mountain Time
36:03 I Wonder Deadbeat Beat
41:49 Promenade The Kickstand Band
43:44 Face Parade The Pizazz
45:43 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan
46:12 Count Your Curses Cool Graveyards
50:19 Cigarette Girls Fake Surfers
51:28 Made of Ash Flat Black Animal
54:07 Wind blew Cold Timmy Vulgar
58:27 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan
58:58 Missing Time Feelings
63:34 Toothpaste Growwing Pains
65:24 Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan
65:54 Sunshine Fur
68:47 Finish

Spotlight on Detroit, Michigan.


Dog & Panther

Vienna Teng

George Morris & They Gypsy Chorus
photo: Joe Gall

Flint Eastwood
Jan 18, 2014 The Loving Touch-Ferndale,MI

The Go

The Hounds Below

Lord Scrummage

Mountain Time

Deadbeat Beat

The Kickstand Band

Dec. 26, 2013 Jumbo’s Bar-Detroit

Fake Surfers

Flat Black Animal

Timmy Vulgar


Growwing Pains


Flesh Wave

Gold Tapes

Urinal Cake Records

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