Spotlight On The City

Premiere DateNov 12, 2013
00:00 Spotlight on Edinburgh, Scotland
00:26 Hurt me, Hurt You Mystery Juice
03:53 Hypersleep Your Loyal Subjects
07:32 Yesterday's You & Me Lomond Campbell
11:37 Jukebox The Banana Sessions
15:49 A Captain Harvey Warbanger
20:30 Spotlight on Edinburgh, Scotland
21:42 You Are the Cold Now Wakes the Sea
24:57 The One You're Leaving The Jellyman's Daughter
28:02 he River Miasma
32:08 Two Birds Joy Dunlop and Twelfth Day
35:40 In The Morning Dog On A Swing
38:51 Victim of Timing Greek Street Band
42:16 Urban Hiva Oa
47:21 Spotlight on Edinburgh, Scotland
48:44 Where did You Go? (Ft. Deeko) Bang Dirty
51:55 The O Dagger 'Alif
54:05 Ailerons Epsilon One
58:00 Harder Than Cars Lords Of Bastard
60:50 Bargains Galore! (Cassette Donkey's Supermarket Sheep Mix) Ste McCabe
65:04 While I Was Sleeping Cancel The Astronauts
69:24 Spotlight on Edinburgh, Scotland
70:03 Days Night Noise Team
73:44 Saturday the Duke, Detroit
76:21 Pirate DVDs Plastic Animals
82:53 What Lies Beyond Frantic Chant
88:20 Dream The Durty Works
94:50 I Think We Grew Again Sketches for Albinos
98:49 Spotlight on Edinburgh, Scotland
99:23 The Hunter The Good Ship
102:48 Summer of Lunches Book Group
107:05 Quiet Life Jimmy Miller
111:18 Adventure Scotia
115:27 Spotlight on Edinburgh, Scotland
116:10 Wherever our Feet Take Us The Last Battle
120:30 Finish

Spotlight on Edinburgh, Scotland. November 12, 2013.

Mystery Juice

Your Loyal Subjects

Lomond Campbell

The Banana Sessions

Harvey Warbanger
Nov 26, 2013 Henry’s Cellar Bar-Edinburgh, Scotland

The Jellyman’s Daughter
Nov 29, 2013 Loudon’s Cafe-Edinburgh-Scotland


Dog On A Swing
Nov 19, 2013 Henry’s Cellar Bar-Edinburgh,Scotland

Greek Street Band

Bang Dirty

Dagger ‘Alif

Epsilon One

Lords Of Bastard

Ste McCabe
Nov 20, 2013 Postgarage-Graz,Austria
Nov 21, 2013 AKC Medika-Zagreb,Croatia
Nov 23, 2013 Rhiz-Vienna, Austria

Cancel The Astronaut

The Duke, Detroit

Plastic Animals
Nov 27, 2013 Electric Circus-Edinburgh,Scotland
Dec 14, 2013 Henry’s-Edinburgh, Scotland

Frantic Chant

Book Group


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