Spotlight On The City

Premiere DateOct 8, 2013
00:00 Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana
00:35 Drop Trou Vagabond Swing
05:20 If I Was a Farmer Feufollet
10:39 This Song ImagineIAM
15:41 Hair Thrown Upward and Back The Lena Groove
18:39 Gone Away Silent Spark
22:53 Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana
23:56 Mile 98 Nick Lavin
26:46 The Wolves Sean Bruce
31:29 Suffering and Pain Reece Sullivan
34:22 Waste My Time The Carbon Poppies
36:34 Hot Potato The Amazing Nuns
38:27 Happy I'm Not You Hotblack Desiato
42:11 Chuck Jones Bull Cones of Uncertainty
44:48 Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana
46:05 Beginning Fights
49:53 Drive Me Crazy Nights & Nights
54:03 Wishful Thinking Television Man
57:23 Barefoot Us Over Water
62:34 Abyss The Botanist
66:57 Compliment Selfawarewolf
73:01 Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana
73:55 Parvatti The Witch Dances in New Delhi MILKS
78:58 Finish

Spotlight on Lafayette, Louisiana.

Vagabond Swing
photo: Vagabond Swing
Oct 11, 2013 Alabama Music Box-Mobile,AL
Oct 12, 2013 Blue Canoe-Tupelo,MS
Nov 08, 2013 Red River District-Shreveport,LA

photo: Blake Bumpus
Oct 12, 2013 Festival Acadiens et Creoles-Lafayette,LA
Oct 12, 2013 Blue Moon Saloon-Lafayette,LA
Oct 27, 2013 Lakeview Park-Eunice,LA

photo: ImagineIAM

The Lena Groove
photo: The Lena Groove

photo: Fights

Silent Spark
photo: Silent Spark

Nick Lavin
photo: Nick Lavin

Sean Bruce
photo: Sean Bruce

Reece Sullivan
photo: Reece Sullivan
Oct 12, 2013 Neutral Grounds Coffee Shop-New Orleans,LA
Oct 25, 2013 Frankie’s-Lafayette,LA

The Carbon Poppies
photo: The Carbon Poppies
Nov 22, 2013 Parc San Souci-Lafayette,LA

The Amazing Nuns
photo: The Amazing Nuns

Hotblack Desiato
photo: Hotblack Desitato

Cones of Uncertainty
photo: Cones of Uncertainty

Nights & Nights
photo: Nights & Nights

Television Man
photo: Television Man

Us Over Water
photo: Us Over Water

The Botanist
photo: The Botanist

photo: Selfawarewolf
Nov 9, 2013 The Station-Broussard,LA

photo: Milks

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