Spotlight On The City

Premiere DateMay 14, 2013
00:00 Spotlight on Kalamazoo, Michigan
00:22 There You Go Again Cobalt Mexican Wolves
03:59 Ghosts Nathan K.
08:43 Fuck Off X 1000 The HATE Noise
11:42 Explain Away Glowfriends
14:38 I've Got All The Light I Need (thank you very much.) Ashley Gonzalez Daneman
20:51 Spotlight on Kalamazoo, Michigan
21:36 Summer II The Go Rounds
24:16 Stone Cold The Goldenrods
26:44 Little Death Boring People
29:09 Same All Day Everyday Brothers of Ina
30:49 Fugue Elk Welcome
35:08 Spotlight on Kalamazoo, Michigan
35:52 Them (In These Hands) Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts
39:30 Voices Blue Eyed Giants
45:38 Werthers Original No Bails
46:51 I Wanna Ride a Sabertooth Inflatable Best Friend
50:02 Gangstas Don't Wear Seatbells The Wrap
52:51 Oscillator Depressive Tongue Posse
57:07 Spotlight on Kalamazoo, Michigan
58:01 Every Face Is A Mirror Crash City Saints
61:32 Finish

Spotlight on Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Nathan K.

The HATE Noise


Ashley Gonzalez Daneman
May 25, 2013 Cezanne-Houston,TX
May 28, 2013 Scat Jazz Lounge-Fort Worth,TX

Boring People

Brothers of Ina

Elk Welcome

Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts
photo:Ellen Arden

Blue Eyed Giants
cover: William Hawkins

No Bails
Jul 22, 2013 Grand Victory-Brooklyn,NY

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