Spotlight On The City

Premiere DateMar 12, 2013
00:00 Spotlight on Sacramento,CA
00:28 Sleigher Biosexual
03:44 When Will You Come Home Soft Science
05:57 Summer House Baby Grand
08:28 Searchin' Family Photo
13:13 Every Mile Flowerss
17:10 The Letters Forever Goldrush
21:08 Spotlight on Sacramento,CA
22:50 Merry Go-Round-The Speak Low
26:52 Lear Jet Dead Western
29:53 Light as a Feather Exquisite Corps
34:04 On The Edge Of The Light Pickering Pick
36:33 Mamasong Be Brave Bold Robot
39:27 Mike vs. the Mysteries of the Multiverse Knock The Knock
42:26 Yes, We Can Hear You (Anticipation) Ross Hammond
45:38 Spotlight on Sacramento,CA
46:53 Pool of Blood G. Green
49:29 We Are In Love Fine Steps
51:25 Keepe Gentleman Surfer
55:48 Now you can pick up anything! Art Lessing
59:45 Four Aces The Readymades
60:55 Call Out Your Rivals Desario
64:52 Metro Mayyors
67:58 Spotlight on Sacramento,CA
69:35 Chiarina So Much Light
73:53 Finish

You’ve just tuned into Spotlight on the City. For the month of March, I am going to feature Sacramento, California.


Soft Science

Dead Western
Mar 27, 2013 Bows and Arrows-Sacramento,CA

Baby Grand

Family Photo
May 25, 2013 Naked Lounge-Sacramento, CA
Jul 25, 2013 ICA- Boston, MA


Forever Goldrush

The Speak Low

Exquisite Corps
Mar 23, 2013 Dakota Lounge- Los Angeles,CA
Mar 28, 2013   Cooper’s-Nevada City CA
Mar 29, 2013 Townhouse Lounge-Sacramento CA

Pickering Pick

Be Brave Bold Robot
Mar 16, 2013 Beatnik Studios-Sacramento,CA
Apr 6, 2013 Center For Spiritual Awareness-West Sacramento,CA

Ross Hammond
Mar 21, 2013  The Firehouse-Brooklyn,NY
Mar 22, 2013 The Fire Museum- Philadelphia,PA
Mar 23, 2013 The Outpost-Boston, MA

G. Green
Mar 13, 2013 Beerland-Austin,TX
Mar 14, 2013 Cherrywood Coffeehouse-Austin,TX
Mar 15, 2013 Headhunters -Austin,TX

Fine Steps

Gentleman Surfer
Mar 21, 2013 Valley Arts Complex-Reno,NV
Mar 22, 2013 Tree Fort Music Festival-Boise,ID

Art Lessing

The Readymades


So Much Light

Test Pattern Records

Mt. St. Mtn.

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